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What's On Top?

Posted on March 31, 2016
What's On Top?

What’s not top of mind often gets left behind.” 

-Carl Hicks


Focusing on important tasks and goals helps to channel energy toward execution. 

If it were that easy, however, why do these important tasks and goals go unachieved?

The simple answer is, we allow other items, activities, distractions, and “noise” to blur our focus.  Once this happens, our priorities drift, our sense of urgency diminishes, and our energy fades.

Consider the important tasks and goals you'd like to achieve.  Are they on the top of your mind . . . or are they being left behind?




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The Best You

Posted on February 29, 2016
The Best You

Do what you can.  Do the best you can.”

–Jim Rohn

Our uniqueness is our blessing.

What we love to do and what we do really well defines our unique ability—that zone where progress can be perpetual and results rewarding.

Start with what you can do, not with what you can’t do.  Then do your best every day.  Be great at what you do.  You are the guardian of your uniqueness.

Being your best is being you!


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Get Your Feet Wet

Posted on February 1, 2016
Get Your Feet Wet

"The beach is never closed."

- Fanta Caroline Bah (Carl's six-year-old grandaughter)


This may seem like an obvious statement, and, of course, it is.  But it is also a simple and profound reminder that not everything is subject to “business hours.”

For instance, are great opportunities restricted by an “opening” or “closing” time?

Is a new skill acquired only during “hours of operation”?

Does a time clock dictate when you can broaden your horizon or enhance your perspective on greatness?


There are no time constraints on these things.  They’re always open.  The question is . . . are you ready to get your feet wet?

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What Is Your Ripple Effect?

Posted on September 30, 2015

The other day, I overheard someone talking about the legacy he would leave behind after his death.  He wondered how he would be remembered by his family and friends.

After death, we will be remembered for how we lived our lives.  How we treated others.  How we contributed to the world around us.  
But that legacy is being created now.  It is being shaped and formed by our day-to-day words and actions.  

The way we are living our lives right now will have on an impact on others today and long after we're gone.  Our words and actions will ripple out into the world around us during life . . . and after. 

What will your ripple effect be?

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