Are You Goal-Focused or Obstacle-Obsessed?

Karl Wallenda was the founder of “The Great Wallendas,” a family famous for walking tightropes without safety nets.

In 1978, Karl Wallenda fell to his death.  He was attempting to walk across a tightrope stretched between two buildings.  Throughout his life he had successfully walked across tightropes. This event was different.

After his death, his widow, Helen, reported that Karl had been obsessed about not falling.  In the days prior to his attempt, he would spend hours checking and rechecking the rigging and supports.  She believed Karl took his eye off of his goal and focused too much on the obstacles (and real dangers) surrounding his daring attempt.  She said, “. . . it seemed to me that he put all his energies into not falling rather than walking the tightrope successfully.”

It is prudent to carefully consider the risk in any goal endeavor.  However, be careful that you don’t give too much weight to what could go wrong and forget what you are trying to accomplish.

Professional bowlers don’t chant “gutter ball” before they release the ball.  Golfers don’t chant "slice" or "hook."  Try serving a tennis ball chanting “double fault.”

Okay.  You get the point, so stay on point!






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