How To Work With Me

How To Work With Me

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”

-Henry Ford


On John's very first day on the job at a large organization, he found several files waiting for him on his desk, no explanation, no instructions.  He sat for hours going through them trying to figure out what he was supposed to do.  The very brief visit by his new boss later that day was no help at all.

“Take care of the projects outlined in the files,” his new employer said, then added casually, “And I need them completed by the end of the week.”

John spent days working on the files, desperately trying to make sense of them.  He tried approaching his manager many times for answers but was repeatedly waved away and told to “figure it out.” Being a diligent worker, and used to performing well and producing great results, John couldn’t help but be discouraged by the situation.  In fact, after only a few weeks, John decided to quit his job.

His manager was shocked.  The man disliked structure of any kind and thrived on deadlines.  He couldn’t relate to John’s need for context and organization. The two parted ways, both realizing too late that their working relationship had been a bad fit from the start.     

When there is a failure to learn how to work with one another, problems inevitably arise.  Sometimes issues take a while to surface; sometimes the impact is immediate.  Either way, the result is not only wasted time and energy, but frustration. 

The ability to work effectively with others is critical to the success of any organization.  It’s also extremely important to an individual’s success.

Are you performing at your best?  Are you able to perform at your best?

Consider the following:

1.     What is your communication style?

2.     What incentivizes you?  What motivates you?

3.     What are the biggest mistakes others can make with you?


Nothing will have a more significant impact on your ability to do well in the workplace than a greater understanding of your own needs and the needs of others.




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