Know Yourself

Know Yourself

So, more than anything else in your life, perhaps, it is very, very important to know what motivates you and to make sure that there Is not too big a gap between this and what you do with your life.”

  -Ian Robertson, PH. D.


We spend a great deal of our life at work.  In fact, the average American will spend approximately 91,250 hours at work during their lifetime.  If we stop and think about that for a moment, we realize that is an incredible amount of time, particularly if we lack a sense of purpose and motivation for our work. Too often, we get stuck living someone else’s vision for our life instead of our own.

It takes intentionality to “swim against the current” of life and to choose your own path.  It takes self-awareness. 

Try asking yourself the following questions (and truly contemplate the answers):

What are your basic needs?

What is truly important to you?

What is your “why” –  your purpose?

What gets you excited?

What propels you toward your goals?

What does being motivated mean to you?

This journey of self-discovery is critical to complete.  It will not only empower you to make better decisions about your life, at home and at work, but it will empower you to live as a more authentic person.      


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