Let's Make a Deal

Let's Make a Deal

In an organization, an important deal is struck between the employer and the employee: the employer seeks to accomplish its goals and objectives by assigning job functions to an employee, and the employee is compensated financially to perform these functions.

That’s the deal.

Unfortunately, this deal isn’t always the best for producing the desired results.  Too often this process simply produces “clock punchers,” employees who provide just enough effort to avoid getting fired.    

Employers, then, are in need of people who give their discretionary effort and contribute to achieving the mission and goals of the organization.  Simply put, they must find ways to create more productive work environments.  They must find ways to incentivize above and beyond the financial.

The Win-Win:

One of the most basic needs of an employee is the need for appreciation.  While employers must be able to scale their incentive programs and address the needs of hundreds, sometimes thousands, of employees, a “one size fits all” approach to incentives rarely works.  However, a focus on creating a level of “mass customization” as part of the incentives process can have an enormous impact on productivity.

When employees are treated as unique individuals with their hopes, dreams, strengths, and aspirations acknowledged, and their need for appreciation met, they will be more engaged and productive.  And productive people produce profits! 

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