Maintaining a Proper Perspective

Leadership is bringing out the best in others while helping them to understand, embrace, pursue and achieve worthwhile objectives.”

- Carl Hicks


Using this definition of leadership, two perspectives emerge.

First, “bringing out the best in others” seems to acknowledge that the leader must earn the right to lead from the followers.  The true test of the leader is the presence of willing followers.  Followers who believe that by granting the leader the right to lead them, they, in turn, will be able to realize their personal and professional goals faster and more successfully than going it alone.

The second perspective is the acceptance of the obligation to “achieve worthwhile objectives” with and through others.  This obligation is owed to the person and organization that has granted the leadership title.  

This two-fold perspective suggests that to fulfill one’s leadership imperative, the process of “bringing out the best in others” must be channeled toward the “achievement of worthwhile objectives.”  To complete the process, these objectives must be deemed worthwhile by the leader, the followers and the organization.




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