The Challenge and Reward of the Job


The role of manager is one of constant responsibility.  The challenges can seem never-ending and even for the experienced manager the role can be as frustrating as it is rewarding, and as discouraging as it is satisfying.  For the first-time manager, however, the role can seem downright overwhelming.

As a first-time manager you will quickly find that you are not only responsible for the results of your own work and the work of others, but also responsible to provide the focus and direction for getting those results.  You will discover that the role is more than just overseeing, but involves training, coaching, mentoring, encouraging, and guiding others to be able to perform the tasks required of them.  

In other words, the role is not one, but many.

Learning to be an effective manager is not an easy process, for some it can be disheartening, at times even painful.  The key is to strive to create, nurture and maintain a work climate where individuals can be successful at applying their talents and gifts to their duties and responsibilities.  Meeting goals and accomplishing tasks are certainly satisfying, but how much more rewarding the efforts are when you, as manager, have taken the time to strengthen the abilities of others, creating an environment that encourages improvement and growth and promotes successful, productive job performance.  The responsibility is great . . . the reward is greater.

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