The "Teacher" Becomes the "Learner"



It would seem strange to walk into a classroom and find the teacher sitting among the students waiting to be taught.  Why?  Because the roles of that classroom have already been established: the teacher teaches and the student learns.  And yet, the teacher had to acquire the skills necessary for the role.  The teacher had to learn.  In fact, the teacher probably continues to learn in order to remain effective.    

The role of manager is similar.  The manager, like the teacher, is responsible for training others and for providing focus and direction and must acquire the necessary skills in order to fill that role.

And so the “teacher” becomes the “learner” . . .

The very methods used to evaluate, train, and improve employee job performance can be used to evaluate and improve your own performance as manager.

·    Evaluate.  Ask yourself: What are my talents, skills and abilities, my “career enablers and accelerators?  What are my “career stallers”? 

·    Learn.  After thorough evaluation, take the steps to acquire the skills needed for particular responsibilities, and strengthen areas of shortcoming. 

·    Improve.  Use both your natural talents and newly acquired skills to work more efficiently and productively.

And so the manager becomes the motivator . . .

Nothing inspires others as quickly and as thoroughly as a living example.  Being open and willing to improving as a manager in order to meet the demands and responsibilities of the role will not only serve as a positive model for employees but will inspire them to do the same. 

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