Your Strategy Is In Your Schedule


However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.”

--Sir Winston Churchill


Seventy percent of strategic plans fail.  They do not fail because the plan was poorly conceived.  They fail because the plan was never implemented!

You have a plan.

You know your "WHY." You know why you do what you love to do.

You know your "WHAT."  You know what is required for you to achieve success. 

You have a definitive "HOW."  You know how you will go about being successful.

But do you have a "WHEN?" 

Failing to time block for your "WHEN" dooms your plan from the start.

Look at your schedule of activities for the past week.  Can you find your strategy?  Will your strategy be in your schedule next week?  Or the next?

If you fail to commit to your "WHEN" you guarantee that your plan will fail.  Implement your strategy.  Put it in your schedule!

On the plains of procrastination lie the missed opportunities of those who knew the WHAT, HOW and WHY of their dreams but chose not to bring them to reality.  





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