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Are You Engaging Customers?

Posted on December 18, 2014
Are You Engaging Customers?


“Sales are contingent upon the attitude of the salesman - not the attitude of the prospect.”

W. Clement Stone




A nervous young student reluctantly approached the next house on the block.  He had been to fifteen houses trying to sell magazines to raise funds for his class trip.  He was sure he would get the same response from this homeowner as he had received all afternoon.


Ringing the doorbell, he stood with his head down.  The man who opened the door was friendly and smiling.


“Yes, young man?  What can I do for you?” he asked.


 “You don’t want to buy any magazines, do you?” the deflated student mumbled.


The man smiled. “Well, no, not when you put it like that.  But, I’ll tell you what I’ll do for you.  I’ll help you prepare your sales approach. You see, it’s what I do for a living.  I’m a sales trainer for a large software company and I train our people all over the United States.”  


“Let’s start your sales call over.  Go back down the sidewalk and walk up to the door with a spring in your step.  When I come to the door, ask me if I ever took a class trip when I was in high school.  Ask me where I went, what I did and how memorable the trip was for me.  Get me talking about how much fun I had and ask me how I financed my trip.  Then, ask me if I would like to help you take your class trip, not with a donation, but with the investment in a magazine subscription of my choice.”  


“Practice your sales pitch on me.  Then go door to door with the belief that if you help people recall their high school class trip memories, they will be more likely to help you.”


The boy took the man’s advice, and the results were astonishing.  



Are you prepared to engage your customers?  Or are you simply waiting for the ‘inevitable’ rejection?











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Trust Your Heart

Posted on November 21, 2014
Trust Your Heart

“The key is to trust your heart to move where your unique talents can flourish.”


    --Al Sacharov



Some years ago upon returning from Japan I was asked if I had climbed Mount Fuji.  


“No,” I replied.  


“Why not?” I was then asked.


Although it was a simple question I took my time formulating a response.


Perhaps the easiest way to explain why I never attempted to climb Mount Fuji was that I never had a passionate desire to do so. The mountain was there.  It was in sight.  It would have been a worthwhile accomplishment.  Yet, I never even considered it.  Not having any passion about the task, I didn’t feel the need to accomplish it.  In short, climbing Mount Fuji was not even on my radar.


It was not in my heart.


What is in your heart?


What do you care about?


Is there something you want, or want to do, or want to be? 


Is there within you a compelling desire to move toward some positive activity? 


Search your heart.  Listen to your inner voice.  There you will find your passion.  And, when you do—follow it with zeal!












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Do You Know Your Purpose?

Posted on October 20, 2014
Do You Know Your Purpose?

The purpose of life is a life of purpose.”


--- Robert Byrne


A woman was struggling to keep her newly launched food service company in business.  As a start-up enterprise, any type or size of customer that produced current cash flow was embraced.  She needed to generate cash to pay the bills.  Her focus was on the day-to-day; "long term planning" for her meant the next two weeks.  But she dreamed of the day when she could pursue a more intentional growth strategy rather than simply surviving from one day to the next. 


Some people are fortunate enough to have a strategy for their life.  Others struggle with defining their life strategy.  Many vacillate between the two extremes. 


Our daily activities reflect our life strategy.  How are you spending your time?  What tasks take up most of your time?  Is this where you want to be?  Is this what you want to do?


Regardless of your current situation, here are some useful questions to ponder as you define or redefine the purpose of your life:


What do you want from and out of your life? 

Where do you wish to go, to be or to become? 

What do you dream about?

When you are at your best, what are you best at being or doing?


Purpose plays such an important part in our lives and in the determination of our future.  It is too important to leave to chance.  Seize the moment and become the person you were "meant to be."

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Balcony or Basement?

Posted on September 22, 2014
Balcony or Basement?


“What we see depends mainly on what we look for.”

- John Lubbock



Art loved the view from his second story balcony.  From that perch he could enjoy the daily sunsets over the Pacific Ocean.  He found the fading colors invigorating.  Dave, on the other hand, could never appreciate the sunset from his basement apartment.


Art’s perspective on life tended to reflect his “balcony” view.  Dave’s perspective on life tended to reflect his “basement” view.


Sometimes Art and Dave would have the opportunity to work together on the same lengthy and important project.  Both were equally skilled and talented.  Both had graduated from top universities.  Yet, Art and Dave’s perspectives of what was possible were as different as their views from their apartments.


Art had an expanding perspective.

Dave had a confining perspective.


Are you a balcony or basement person?













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