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Posted on August 23, 2014

“The brick walls are there for a reason. The brick walls are not there to keep us out. The brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something.”


- Randy Pausch, The Last Lecture



Throughout life we are faced with adversity, disappointments, defeats, setbacks and frustration.  Sometimes these "brick walls" can be avoided, and sometimes they cannot.


The question is, how will we respond to the "brick wall"?  How will we label the adversity?  Will we see it as a disaster that we cannot rise above, or as an opportunity to learn and keep moving?


The choice is ours.  


We can choose to stop and give up, saying, “the price is too high, the difficulty too great.”  Or, we can say, “What can I do now to get where I want to go and to be what I want to be?”


The brick walls can halt us.  Or, we can choose to go over or around them.

It all depends on “how badly you want something.”














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Posted on July 23, 2014

“Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughts become your words. Keep your words positive because your words become your behavior. Keep your behavior positive because your behavior becomes your habits. Keep your habits positive because your habits become your values. Keep your values positive because your values become your destiny.”


- Mahatma Gandhi


How we think is everything, and positivity can wrap our thoughts in a most appealing manner. Being positive can brighten our outlook.  Being positive can enhance those around us.  Being positive can help us meet challenges and difficulties from a position of strength. 


Being positive originates from within us, but it spreads outward to impact how we perceive situations, how we express our respect for others, and how we embrace opportunities.


Positive people seem to have developed a different vocabulary and an unique way of “seeing” the world:


  • They tend to detect the opportunities within every difficulty.
  • They tend to find solutions within every problem.
  • They actively look for the rainbow in the rain.
  • They are not easily discouraged.
  • They accept the situations they face as "growth challenges."
  • They tend to solve problems rather than assign blame to others.

When faced with a pile of manure, they loudly proclaim, “Where is the pony?”










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Are You Prepared?

Posted on June 19, 2014
Are You Prepared?

Champions do not become champions when they win the event, but in the hours, weeks, months and years they spend preparing for it. The victorious performance itself is merely the demonstration of their championship character.”

 -Alan Armstrong



“Be Prepared” is the motto of the Boy Scouts of America.  It is clear, concise and to the point.  No one can misunderstand its meaning.  Hardly anyone would disagree with its usefulness as a motto for an organization that teaches self-reliance to America’s young men.


The central question then might be,“prepared for what?”  


How can you embrace the Boy Scout’s motto and embed it into your own "Success Journey?"

A number of thoughts immediately come to mind:  


  • First, there is education.  What will you need to know, understand, and apply to be effective in your job, career, or calling?  
  • Second, what will you need to know to be effective today as you go about meeting people, helping them understand your product or service, instructing them on how to use a computer, influencing them to consider your approach?  
  • Third, what type of powerful questions do you need to utilize to encourage others to provide valuable information? 
  • Fourth, what active listening skills do you need to develop, to hear what is really being said?

Being prepared is hard work.  It is sometimes lonely work.  It is sometimes boring work.  But it always requires careful thought.  Your answers to the above questions will yield clues to the type of preparation you will need to consider for your "Success Journey."   


If you want to celebrate like a champion you’ll want to prepare like a champion.











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The Perfect Gift For Your Graduate

Posted on May 22, 2014
The Perfect Gift For Your Graduate

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