Business Force Multipliers

Does Your Business Need a Force Multiplier?

 The Department of Defense defines a Force Multiplier as: “A capability that, when added to and employed by a combat force, significantly increases the combat potential of that force and thus enhances the probability of successful mission accomplishment.”

In much simpler terms, a force multiplier “multiplies” effectiveness and increases the expectation of a successful outcome.

Could your business use a Force Multiplier?  The Growth Group, LLC can help.

Strategic Planning and Execution

Are you transitioning your business to the next growth stage?  Feeling a need to chart a new course?  Frustrated with missed goals?  If the answer to any of these questions is yes, let The Growth Group, LLC help to create and execute a customized, strategic business plan that will take your business to its next level of success.  

Business Development and Proposal Preparation Mentoring

Need more contracts and consistent revenue flow?  Would you like a more predictable business development process and improvement to proposal development skills?  Our Business Development and Proposal Preparation Mentoring will work to develop and implement opportunities for a steady revenue flow while also working on future possibilities of growth for your business.  

Accountability Coaching and Birkman Method® Assessment

Have you found yourself working “in” your business more than “on” your business?  Are you struggling with making the move from “doing” to “managing?”  Our Accountability Coaching will clarify the roles and responsibilities within your business.

One way we do this is by utilizing the Birkman Method®, a unique, scientifically developed, multi-faceted assessment that will reduce talent/task mismatches, improve interpersonal communication, boost employee engagement and increase productivity.   

Team Strengthening and Training

Is your management group still evolving as a team?  Are functional silos impacting communication and cooperation?  Would you like your staff and managers to reach their next level of performance?  Our Team Strengthening and Training will build on the strengths of individual team member and identify collective and individual goals while equipping team members with the necessary training to meet these goals.

Project Health Assessments and Project Management Coaching

Are you missing deadlines? Do your estimation procedures need improving?  Are projects more complex than you originally realized?  Our Project Health Assessment service and Project Management Coaching is here to help guide your team through the “Whats” and “Hows” of your project (What needs to be done?  How do we do it?), while inspiring within team members a sense of ownership and commitment in the project.

"Working with our Senior Leadership Team, Carl has contributed to our efficiency and productivity by increasing our awareness of how to deal more effectively with one another. His 'fresh set of eyes' and conversational manner has helped us stay focused on our strategic initiatives."
-- Edmond Walters, CEO, eMoney Advisor (Retired)