Understanding My Motivational Drivers™

When you are at your best, what are you best at doing or being?  What would it take to bring out your best ‘you’?

Quite simply, people treating you as you want to be treated! 

The problem

People don’t always understand or appreciate our unique needs and motivational drivers. When this happens they may decide to treat us as they would want to be treated.  Or, they may try guessing or using some trial and error method of interacting with us.

Why it matters

When we are at our best, we are happier, more actively engaged in what we enjoy doing, more productive in our use of time and energy and more successful.

What to do about it

Sharing and discussing how you prefer others to interact with you is an important part of bringing out your best.  With the Understanding My Motivational Drivers™ Report we’ve not only taken the guesswork out of discovering what makes you ‘click’, but we’ve made the information easy to share with others.  

The Understanding My Motivational Drivers™ Report is derived from three questionnaires that take less than 45 minutes to complete.  This Growth Group, LLC proprietary report is built on the chassis of the Birkman Method®.  The Birkman Method® has been taken by over 3 million people worldwide and is widely valued by users who want to optimize individual, team and organizational performance.

The Understanding My Motivational Drivers™ Report permits you to review, confirm, share and discuss with others the following key areas:

Life is too short and time too precious to be less than you were meant to be. Take control of your life.  Let others know your needs and expectations.   With the Understanding My Motivational Drivers™ Report learn how to be the best ‘you’ you can be!

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