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Progress Not Perfection

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Darts bored with darts scattered around it

Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.”

- Benjamin Franklin

Our personal journeys to greatness demand life-long learning. At various stages of our Greatness Journeys, we may need to gain more insight, enhance our skill sets, or adjust our mindset to overcome new obstacles.

Sometimes in our quest for success, however, perfectionism sneaks in. And that can lead to trying to control people and situations. In trying to control people and situations for that perfect outcome, we–and those around us–can become frustrated and angry when our expectations aren't met.

Those who strive for perfection rarely experience a sense of fulfillment or contentment–even when completing great feats. Why? Because perfection is elusive–nothing and no one in this life is perfect. Creating molds for ourselves that are impossible to fill rarely leads to happiness, but, instead, feelings of hopelessness or resentment.

Imperfection, though, shouldn’t derail us from striving for success. Progress, not perfection, is the key to a successful and fulfilling Greatness Journey. And that means striking a balance between what you’re doing and how you do it.

Striving for progress–not perfection–also means setting achievable goals–long- and short-term–and seeking to better ourselves as we work towards them.

Are you seeking progress or perfection?

Consider these questions:

  1. What’s more important to you right now: Being the best you that you can be or trying to be perfect?

  2. Are the expectations you set for yourself and those around you realistic?

  3. Are your long-term goals set with the intention of being the best you can be or on being perfect?

  4. How can you adjust your standards, goals, and expectations to aim for progress rather than perfection?

  5. What steps can you take to ensure you’re not waylaid by perfectionism?

Aspire to continually progress along your Greatness Journey, and leave the burden of perfection behind.

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