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Collaborating with successful leaders who want more
Carl F. Hicks, Jr.

The Success Whisperer


Founder Carl F. Hicks, Jr., Ph.D., serves as President and CEO of The Growth Group, LLC and principal management consultant. His results-oriented approach combines his education and approachable, conversational style with 30+ years of executive coaching and management consulting experience.

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Growth Group Academy


Growth Group Academy (GGA) is an online platform with a global reach that offers easy access and intuitive navigation through self-paced courses. Featuring expert facilitators including Founder Natalia H. Bah, Founding Facilitator Carl F. Hicks, and others, these courses will teach you how to strengthen the skills we see in successful people. Providing courses on Zoom and other online platforms, GGA offers opportunities to interact with our diverse group of facilitators and community members.

Hanging Books
High Impact Publishing


High Impact Publishing is our in-house publishing arm that helps independent authors get their works published. We offer this service exclusively to our select clients.

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