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Organization Optimization

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What is Organization Optimization?

Whether your organization is a start-up, experiencing rapid growth, maturing, or at a strategic crossroads, you will want to know the shape it is in. Organization Optimization is a comprehensive assessment of your organization to confirm the areas that are in good shape and identify those that may need enhancement. Bottom line: This review assures you that your people, processes, and technology are aligned to drive your organization where you want it to go.


Our approach

During the Organization Optimization, The Growth Group, LLC assesses three primary systems: Organizational, Operational, and Managerial. Collecting information through individual interviews, questionnaires and reviews of written documentation and financial reports, The Growth Group, LLC confirms with you the Driving Forces™ and Restraining Forces™ impacting your firm's growth. Our joint analysis of the information yields knowledge from which strategic initiatives are prioritized. Our strategic suggestions are practical, cost-effective, linked to your strategic initiatives and presented in a way that’s acceptable to those in the organization who may be impacted by change.


How we help you

Conducting an Organization Optimization safeguards the good health of your organization. Effective organizations can’t afford responsibility gaps, goal diffusion, role ambiguity, non-value adding activities, or over-reliance on one or two personalities to reach its objectives. This review confirms what you are doing well and identifies those areas that might need tweaking.  Simply put, an Organization Optimization enables you to align your Strategy, Structure, Staffing, and Systems in a way that propels you toward your strategic growth objectives.

What will your firm look like in 2025?

In this video, Carl discusses your firm’s future and what it might look like in 2025. See for yourself.

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