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Team Strengthening

Image by Hannah Busing


What is Team Strengthening?

You have a group of people you rely on. Are they pulling in the same direction? Have they effectively decided how they will manage projects, solve problems, resolve conflicts? Do team members embrace training and development opportunities so they can grow to that next level of performance? The Growth Group, LLC’s Team Strengthening approach identifies the strengths of each team member, evaluates their fit with their respective responsibilities, and works with the team to strengthen its effectiveness.


Our approach

Building on the strengths of each team member, The Growth Group, LLC helps your team to crystalize its goals, clarify roles and responsibilities, organize and measure its work efforts, resolve conflict and successfully manage projects to completion. The Growth Group, LLC employs purposeful practice to focus your team on the processes and business activities you deem important.


How we help you

Team Strengthening takes a group of strong individuals and forges a solid team focused on common goals and defined roles and responsibilities. Your strengthened team will embrace accountability and effective decision-making processes to drive solutions. These more actively engaged employees are means increased productivity and profitability for your organization. And, more time for you to devote to strategic thinking and opportunity optimization.

Let's Work Together

Learn more about how The Growth Group can help you strengthen your team now and for the future.

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