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Bringing your best self to work: Do I know my WHY?

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Perhaps this scenario sounds familiar. You meet someone new, exchange quick introductions, and begin small talk. At some point in this first conversation, that question surfaces: “What do you do for a living?” 

Most people can explain what they do for a living–and even how they do it. If I were to ask you now what you do for a living, I’m sure you could provide insight into your line of work and what it entails. But, what about your WHY? Could you tell me WHY you chose your current position or field? Do you know your WHY?

Knowing your WHY

Your WHY is much more than a mere explanation of how you ended up in a certain job. It goes beyond the superficial and dives into something much greater–your purpose. Purpose is simply the reason for which something exists or is done. This reason helps to shape our vision and propel us toward our initiative or goal. Purpose comes from a combination of your values, beliefs, passions, and priorities. It takes shape from your talents and abilities, and transforms what could be into what is. When we encounter adversity, it’s our purpose that pushes forward. 

If you want to live by your purpose, you must take ownership of it. Once you’ve taken ownership of your purpose, no one can take it away from you. With purpose, you can focus more on how you live your life–and maybe even how you want your life to be remembered. 

We all have a purpose inside of us. If we want our purpose to be actualized, however, we must nurture and shape it. Ask yourself the following questions to craft a deeper understanding of your WHY:

  1. What is the core purpose of my work–my WHY?

  2. Does the core purpose of my current work reflect my values, beliefs, and talents?

  3. Have I truly taken ownership of my purpose–that is, my WHY?

  4. What can I do, both in and out of the workplace, to ensure my purpose is realized?

Why your WHY matters

Why is it important to know your purpose? Because your purpose helps us more clearly decipher what’s important to and for us. Further, it’s essential to become the best version of ourselves. In fact, one study found that people who had a clear sense of purpose in their lives often experienced fewer cardiovascular incidences and overall lower mortality rates. 

Knowing your WHY, or purpose, is a powerful success mindset. A strong internal determination enhances what you are trying to do, be, or become. Your purpose kick starts your inner drive, provides fuel for your efforts, and keeps you focused on the goals to be achieved. 

What’s more, having a clear grasp of your WHY enables you to be truly intentional with your efforts. Once you identify your purpose, you can apply more intentional focus toward your goals.  With no clear purpose, you’ll easily drift off course. The person who lives without purpose lives life in a maze, constantly wandering through life wasting time, talents, and potential. Don’t let this happen to you.

Your WHY is your internal purpose, driven by your values, talents, and dreams and in turn driving your efforts, focus, and passion. If you want to bring your best self to work, take time to truly and thoroughly discover your purpose. Dive into your WHY and you'll discover the HOW.

For more on the importance of purpose, discover Carl Hicks’ exclusive publication, “The Power of Purpose”, available on Amazon. Or, watch as Carl himself explains what purpose is, and why it matters here.

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