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Making it YOUR Way

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Every one of us has dreamed of the day we can finally say, “I’ve made it.” Whether you’re a CEO of a Fortune 500 or peering up at the Eiffel Tower, we all have a dream destination in mind–a goal we step towards (or away from) every day of our lives. Although we may know where we’d like to end up, many of us struggle to find the path that can lead us there.

It’s often believed that every “dream destination” or life goal has a set path leading to its achievement–a path that fits any traveler of any walk of life. This is rarely the case.

You make your way the way you were made. The path you take to reach your desired goal is entirely unique and will depend on four key elements: your experiences, your talents, your passions, and your determination.


Experiences are a powerful driving force in life. They give depth to our past, and life to our future. Although not every experience may be pleasant, every experience offers a lesson. These lessons can be useful in determining future choices and actions. By reflecting on what we’ve learned from previous jobs, tasks, relationships, or classes, we can better navigate our paths to success and betterment.

Allow your past experiences to act as a compass on your journey to your ultimate destination. Let the lessons and successes in your past guide you to find your own, personal path.

Now, take some time to reflect on a few key experiences in your past and the lessons they’ve taught you. How can you utilize these lessons to discover the direction to your goals?


We all possess talents and unique abilities. They are of incredible value. In fact, we recently delved into how to use your own unique abilities to become the best version of yourself. Your talents and skills are equally as important in discovering your way to your end goal. They offer you the support and ability you need to achieve your ultimate goals and purpose.

Consider for a moment your greatest strengths and talents. What are they? Are you using them to their fullest potential? How can you better utilize them to achieve your goal?


Passion is the energy that propels us towards our goals. Once we use our talents and experiences to determine the direction of our dreams, passion then acts as the fuel that moves us in that direction. Without passion, your purpose, goal, and direction can become unclear, or worse–unrealized.

Passion is absolutely essential to making it your way. Pause for a moment, and reflect on your passion. What is it that you are truly passionate about? How can you harness this passion to achieve your goals? Is your idea of “making it” compatible with your passions?


No amount of passion, talent, or experience can help you reach your desired end if you lack determination. Determination is the silent, steady force that pushes you to overcome hurdles or obstacles that threaten your way. Determination can come from external motivators like money or personal relationships, for instance. These can be very powerful motivators. However, inner motivators are just as powerful–if not more so. Internal determination is the result of your passions and purpose and is often the greatest deterrent for stagnation and failure.

Staying on course requires determination. So, what are your external motivators for achieving your life goals? Or, do you have a strong internal source of determination?

You make your way the way you’re made. There is no singular, set path to achieving an end goal. Every path is unique, depending on your experiences, talents, passions, and determination. Start finding your own way today.

For more on passion, purpose, and the power each holds, check out The Power Series. Or, discover key insights into achieving goals, and becoming a better version of yourself with our 2-Minute Insights.

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