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The Zone of Greatness: Utilizing Unique Abilities

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Each and every one of us harbors unique talents. Our unique abilities and passions make us who we are. And, in cultivating our talents, we become the best version of ourselves–in and out of the workplace.

Recently, we explored the importance of strength-based coaching in the workplace and why each of us should focus on and invest in our strengths rather than our weaknesses. Now, let’s explore into the concepts of Unique AbilityⓇ and the Zone of Greatness–and why they matter in the workplace.

Unique AbilityⓇ

Dan Sullivan, one of the foremost experts on entrepreneurship in action, observed that each one of us is born with unique characteristics and talents. Those who are successful in this life have learned to focus on these unique abilities, rather than remain hindered by their own interior disabilities. Sullivan’s concept of Unique Ability is defined as the meeting of what you love to do and what you’re good at–in other words, fusing your passion with your purpose.

Passion and purpose are two of the greatest driving forces in our life. When you love what you do, and you’re good at what you do, you take part in something truly incredible. Yes, you can achieve organizational success. But even more than that, you become a greater (or perhaps, even the greatest) version of yourself.

Zone of Greatness

Following Sullivan’s premise of Unique AbilityⓇ, we discover that success comes at the intersection of our passion and our performance. This point of intersection–the space in which your passion and purpose merge–is known as the Zone of Greatness. If we’re working within our Zone of Greatness, we’re doing what we love to do, as well as what we ought to do–what our talents and passions compel us to do.

As a leader and a person, you’ll be at your peak performance in your Zone of Greatness. Not only is success inevitable within the Zone of Greatness, but so is fulfillment. As the old saying goes, “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life”.

Unique Ability in the Workplace

The premise of Unique AbilityⓇ is important for individual growth, for organizations, and for their leaders. As a leader, you should strive to stay within your personal Zone of Greatness. This ensures your own abilities and passions are directly contributing to your organization’s success. You can do so by focusing on your unique abilities and delegating tasks for which you have average or below average ability to those with fitting abilities.

Leaders should also utilize the concept of Unique AbilityⓇ when deciding where an individual best fits within the organization. Consider each employee’s unique talents and passions in a given position and whether those abilities will help or hinder your organization. Put simply, match the task to the talent. Each position will then be held by someone with matching or compatible abilities, thus helping your organization outstep those who fail to recognize individual uniqueness.

Leverage your own unique abilities as a leader, as well as the unique abilities of those around you. Never let your talents and passions go unrealized. Likewise, strive to never let the talents and passions of those around you go unrealized. Stay within the Zone of Greatness by acting on your own Unique AbilityⓇ .

For more on the power of passion and purpose, check out the Power Series available now on Amazon. Or, watch as Carl himself explains the concept of Unique Ability and the Zone of Greatness.

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