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Where are you? An invitation to self reflection

When traveling to a new and unfamiliar destination, we tend to rely on the help of some guiding force; it may be a map, a phone, or an acquaintance’s directions. Throughout the journey, we often pause and check our progress. This ensures we’re still following the correct route and helps avert potential obstacles or delays in our arrival time. 

These quick and intermittent progress checks are a crucial element of arriving at our correct destination. In the same way,  “progress checks”  are just as important in your personal journey to the you you’d like to be. 

Self reflections are crucial for personal and professional development. Without these moments of reflection and introspection, you’re likely to miss your intended personal or professional goals. 

Like traveling to a new destination, you must take the time to evaluate where you are, and where you’re actually heading. Are you still on the path you originally mapped out for yourself? Have unanticipated obstacles delayed your arrival? Or, has the end destination changed? 

The best self reflections are ones that excite and inspire us, but also encourage us to be completely honest with ourselves. Take a moment to ask yourself the following questions to determine where you really are in your success journey:

  1. What aspects, habits, or skills in your work or personal life do you need to improve the most?

  2. What quantifiable and achievable goals can you set for yourself now and in the coming year to directly improve these newly identified aspects?

  3. What areas in your work or personal life did you most improve in the past year? 

  4. Where would you say you are right now in your growth journey? Are you still on the path to your best self, or have you strayed from your travel route?

  5. How well does the person you are today measure up to the person you want to become?

Practicing regular self reflections is essential on your path to success and goal achievement. Reflect today on where you’ve come from, where you are, and who you are. Don’t let your best self go unrealized. 

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