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The New Workforce: A Gen Z Video Series

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

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Who Is The New Workforce?

With unique characteristics, values, and ideas, Generation Z (Gen Z) is becoming a powerful force in our world and workplaces. That’s why it’s imperative that employers invest now in understanding this generation’s attitudes, behaviors, and expectations and take action to create work cultures that acknowledge these distinctive qualities. To that end, we’ve what we hope will become invaluable resources to help you on your path to understanding Gen Z and adapting the workplace to maximize the contributions they can make.

Generation Z Resources

Start with our free Generation Z: An Employer’s Primer, based on the latest research, statistics, and trending predictions. In this primer, we outline important info you need to know about this up-and-coming force. We’re also producing a blog series detailing the values and characteristics of Generation Z that make this generation different from previous generations.

Now, we’re bringing these insights to video in our Generation Z video series.

The New Workforce: A Gen Z Video Series

Created in collaboration with our Gen Z Advisory Team, our new video series offers knowledge and insights to help you understand and prepare your workplaces for this bold new generation.

In part one of our video series, we explore key demographics and values important to Gen Zs–and provide insights into how they impact the workplace.

Watch it here or check out our YouTube page.

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