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The New Workforce: a video series continued

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

The entry of Generation Z into the workplace is one of the most significant disruptors of our time. Why? Because of the experiences, values, and perspectives Gen Zs bring.

Born between 1997 and 2012, Generation Zs or “zoomers” are uniquely shaped by digital screens, social media, and a global pandemic. And, they’re shaping our marketplaces, workplaces, and the voting booth. In fact, Gen Zs are estimated to make up 17% of eligible voters in 2024. What’s more, they account for about 32% of the global population and will likely account for a third of the US workforce by the end of this decade.

Is your organization ready for this transformative force?

Must-have resources

At The Growth Group, our Gen Z Advisory Team has spent the better part of a year working to develop resources you need to understand the newest generation of workers. Informed by the latest research, statistics, and trending predictions, our free Generation Z: An Employer’s Primer is a great first step towards understanding Generation Z.

In this primer, we detail the must-know information and insights you need about this up-and-coming workforce. And, we’ve produced a blog series outlining the values and characteristics that make Gen Z a generation unlike any others.

Now, we’re thrilled to bring these insights to life with our Gen Z video series.

The New Workforce: a Gen Z video series

Our new video series: The New Workforce offers powerful knowledge and insights to help you better prepare your workplaces for this bold, new generation.

In part one of our video series, we explore key demographics and defining values of Gen Zs–and provide insights into how these factors could impact the workplace.

Our latest video explores what shapes the educational choices of Gen Zs, why they’re so educationally minded, and how their quest for advanced knowledge and education could impact your workplace.

Watch it now or view it on YouTube.

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