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Bridging the Gap: A video series

Updated: Jun 28

The modern workplace is continuously evolving to better serve the world around it. It becomes important, then, to develop a deeper understanding of the workplace as a whole–and of the people who comprise it. To that end, we’ve created a new and exclusive video series: ‘Bridging the Gap’.

By offering insights into the modern workplace and changing expectations of workers, our new video series aims to bridge the gap between veteran members of the workforce and those starting out. Pulling from the latest research on key topics and groups within the workforce, the ‘Bridging  the Gap’ video series can arm you with the insights you need to find or maintain your place in today’s workforce. 

Part 1 of the newly-released series gives you all the information you need to collaborate with the resilient force that is Generation X. You’ll discover who Gen X is and get our top five tips for working with members of this generation.

Today’s workforce is a powerful driver of innovation and creativity. If you’ve just started your career or would like to harvest a deeper understanding of the modern workplace, check out our new ‘Bridging the Gap’ video series. 

Available now here or on YouTube

For more workplace tips and insights, read our Bridging the Gap blog series.

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