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Updated: Feb 25, 2022

With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.”

- Eleanor Roosevelt

I always enjoy watching the conclusion of a graduation commencement service when the graduates toss their caps into the air. You can almost hear a collective sigh of relief. “Now, finally, this experience is over. We made it through those four years!”

Yet, for those of us who have been through a commencement celebration, we know that it is really just the beginning.

In a sense, each new year, each new day, is a commencement, a beginning. What will you choose to do with that new beginning? What opportunities will open up to you because you are alert to them?

Will you embrace the opportunity to bring happiness into the life of someone who very much needs it? Will you accept the challenge of learning something new that might come in handy in the future?

Will you make the decision to progress further on your Greatness Journey? And, make the conscious effort to enjoy each step of the way?

It's a new year . . . what better time to "commence" the rest of your life.

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