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It's All In Your Mind

Photo by Alex Gruber on Unsplash

“Whether you think you can or can’t either way you are right.”

Henry Ford

In 1957, psychologist Bruno Klopfer reported on a patient referred to as “Mr. Wright” who suffered cancerous tumors and was given days to live. Doctors introduced to this patient a new drug, Krebiozen, which promised to cure his cancer. Within days of the injection, Mr. Wright’s tumors had “melted” away.

Months later, Mr. Wright read a report on Krebiozen’s uselessness to treat cancer, and he suffered an immediate relapse. Once more, the cancer was back, and Mr. Wright begged the doctors for another “cure,” which they gave him. It worked.

Mr. Wright didn’t know he’d been given not one but two placebos.

The power of the mind over the body cannot be denied.

Your own mind is the most powerful influence you have over your life. Your mind creates your attitude, your drive, and your determination. Your mindset determines the actions and routes you will—or won’t—take to achieve success.

Whether you can or you can't . . . it's all in your mind.

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