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Success Routines, Rituals, Habits Principle # 12: Every Day is Game Day

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

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“Every time I meet a prospect, engage in a conversation, conceive a plan, create action steps, make a promise, deliver a result, log in to a learning experience, join a Zoom meeting, compose an email, or talk on the phone, I have the opportunity to bring my ‘A’ game.”

– From Martin Willoughby’s Success Principles

We all have times when life seems to run us, when we have more to do than we can possibly manage, or when we’re just not “on our game” for whatever reason. Remember, though, that as long as we’re still breathing, there’s always the opportunity to get up, shake it off, and get back in the game.

Make sure you’re bringing your “A” game - Principle #12 of Success Routines, Rituals, Habits - by asking yourself these questions:

  1. What success routines, rituals, and habits am I using to ensure I am on my “A” game?

  2. Do I visualize the results I desire?

  3. Are my efforts intentional?

  4. Do I seek the input of others who might be impacted by my decisions?

  5. Do I practice the delivery of my compelling messages?

  6. Is my day organized around my “must do” priorities?

  7. To what extent am I running my business? Or, is it running me?

  8. Do I schedule time for reflection, review, and re-commitment?

  9. Do I view setbacks as an opportunity to start again?

  10. Do I keep the promises I make to myself and others?

  11. Am I ready to step into my “A” game?

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