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Where Are You Going?

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Road sign pointing to two directions with mountain range in the background.

Alice: "Which way should I go?"

Cat: "That depends on where you are going?"

Alice: "I don’t know."

Cat: "Then it doesn’t matter which way you go.”

-Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

In Lewis Carroll's classic Alice in Wonderland, Alice doesn’t have a clear purpose to propel her toward any definite destination. She may eventually arrive at “some place,” but is it the “some place” she should be? Or will she just fit herself into the “some place” she has reached?

Some people have a strong, clear purpose ingrained in them. They are motivated to endure all kinds of hardships in order to reach their desired destination. Their strong purpose provides both a sense of direction and the motivation to pursue a specific course of action. They will not settle for less–and they will not be deterred.

Others have only a vague notion of what their purpose is or could be. Because their purpose is unclear, their direction likewise becomes unclear. Their lack of a definitive purpose can erode motivation. That’s when discouragement can set in–and the temptation to settle for and stay in any destination they happen to reach.

Purpose is too great a gift to ignore. Once you find your purpose, it’s your duty to fulfill it. Use your purpose to motivate you and guide you in the direction you must go. Don’t settle for a “some place”. Choose your destination purposefully.

To help, reflect on the following topics. Don't settle for your first response. Think deeply about your possible answers as you search for your purpose and direction:

  1. If you had only three years to live, what would you want to accomplish in that time?

  2. What areas or skills do you feel you are particularly talented and proficient in?

  3. Is there a particular hobby, activity, or goal that excites you most?

  4. If money, time, and resources were of no concern, what would you do with your life?

  5. Do you believe you are totally aware of your true purpose? If so, are you on the best path to reach that destination?

  6. What changes could you make that would ensure you’re traveling the direction of your purpose?

  7. Ask yourself; are you where you should be, or have you settled for a “some place”?

Direction without purpose is meaningless. Purpose without a direction is fruitless. Don’t waste another day wandering “some place”; find your purpose and your place.

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