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Do You Have A Plan For Your Purpose?

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Pencil and eraser lying ontop of paper with question mark sketched on it

The purpose of life is a life of purpose.”

--- Robert Byrne

Some people are fortunate enough to know their purpose in life and implement a life strategy that fulfills this purpose. Others know their life purpose, but may struggle with devising a plan that achieves it. Then, there are those who neither know their life purpose, nor have a life strategy.

With the awareness of your life purpose comes the need to construct a life plan that is centered on this purpose. This life strategy should intentionally move you towards your objective. Without a clearly-defined strategy to fulfill your purpose it's nearly impossible to fulfill your life purpose.

What’s more, our life purpose informs how we spend our life–our life strategy. That is, how we spend our time, how we prioritize our day, and the amount of time we dedicate to tasks all reflect our commitment to our life purpose. If your daily pursuits don’t reflect that purpose, then it’s time to reconsider your purpose or re-prioritize your time.

As you reflect on your life purpose and the strategy to fulfill that purpose, consider these questions:

  1. What do you want from and out of your life?

  2. Where do you wish to go, to be, or to become?

  3. When are you at your best? What are you best at being or doing?

  4. Where do you find most of your joy comes from?

  5. What do you dream about?

  6. What would it take for these dreams to be achieved?

  7. How can you make your purpose a greater priority in your life?

  8. What are 3 things you could do today to move closer to achieving your purpose?

  9. Are there any activities or areas in your life that derail you from finding or fulfilling your purpose?

Purpose is not just something we think about or strive toward in life, but it’s the very reason we exist. It’s that thing that drives our lives. And, it’s far too important to leave to chance.

Seize today to start or restart your journey towards your life purpose. Watch the Power of Purpose.

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