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Getting Started

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Black and white of basic tools set out

Raymond wanted more than anything to write a mystery novel. He’d been thinking about it for years, researching, plotting, outlining. He knew his novel may never be published, let alone even read by anyone, but it was something important to him -- something he knew would bring him a profound sense of accomplishment. Raymond had sat in front of the glowing, blank screen of his laptop countless times to begin his labor of love; however, he just couldn’t seem to find the right words.

Today would be different, Raymond thought as he opened his computer.

When he shifted his weight, the creak and groan of his desk chair made him frown. It obviously needed lubrication. Knowing he wouldn’t be able to concentrate with the constant noise, he got up to head for the laundry room he had a can of WD-40 in his toolbox. Passing through the kitchen, he stopped for a cup of coffee. He also grabbed a sandwich. As he ate, he sorted through a stack of mail on the kitchen table, which reminded him that he needed to pay a few bills.

That done, he headed to the laundry room for the can of WD-40. The hall light was out, so he changed the bulb. He also changed three others he’d noticed were out. When Raymond finally pulled out his toolbox, the disarray of it made him cringe. It took him over an hour to clean it out and organize its contents. Can of WD-40 in hand, Raymond then proceeded to oil every hinge in the house. He also fixed a leaky faucet, patched a hole in a wall, fixed a broken ceiling fan, and cleaned out the garage. He even power washed the deck furniture.

What Raymond did not do, however, was start writing.

It's not enough to simply have a dream, a goal, or even a plan: there must be a beginning.

Don't let a few 'creaks' and 'groans' become major distractions. Remember, you can't complete what you never start.

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