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The Power of Perseverance

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

“Difficulties mastered are opportunities won.”

–Winston Churchill

Sergio Garcia’s journey to victory began in 1999, when he first captivated golf fans at the PGA Championship. For eighteen years, however, he encountered one disappointment after another, coming close to a win but never quite realizing the dream. He didn’t give up. On Sunday, April 9, 2017, on his 74th attempt at a major golf title, Sergio Garcia won the Masters.

Sergio was, of course, elated with his win, as were his fellow golfers and devoted fans. Everyone was happy for him. Not just for the win, but for his sheer determination to accomplish his goal.

Perseverance: to steadfastly stay the course in the pursuit of a goal, task, dream, or journey, regardless of the difficulties, distractions, or obstacles faced, or the frustration and discouragement experienced.

Garcia persevered through hardship and frustration, loss and disappointment. He never stopped trying. Sergio Garcia is a true champion, not because he won the Masters, but because he never gave up on his dream.

Do you have the perseverance of a champion?

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